Vet Exams

We’ll help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Veterinary Surgery

We focus on your pet’s comfort and safety.

Dental Services

We offer stress-free dental services for your pet.


Spoil your pet with our complete grooming services.

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How to Keep Your Pet Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

We offer complete veterinary services for your furry friend

When your pet is ill or injured, they’re not the same. TLC Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure your dog, cat or other animal feels good every day with our veterinary services. We offer:

Veterinary exams | Dental services | Surgical procedures | Grooming | Testing and bloodwork

We’ve provided gentle service for animals since 2003

You want to make sure your veterinarian understands how much your pet means to you. TLC Veterinary Hospital started as a no-kill shelter and grew into a full-service veterinary hospital. We understand how important your pet’s well-being is and how to care for them.

We’ll help you care for your dog, cat or nearly any other type of pet you have. Our mission is to provide attentive veterinary services for your pet so you can spend more time with them each day.

Contact us today so we can improve your pet’s quality of life.

3 reasons why you’ll love our veterinary clinic

While our focus is on your pet’s health and happiness, our pet owners love our clinic, too. TLC Veterinary Hospital makes caring for your pet easier by:

  1. Focusing on your pet’s comfort
  2. Offering more affordable services than most clinics
  3. Answering the phone 24 hours a day

Get your pet the attention and treatment they deserve. Reach out to us today for hassle-free veterinary services.

Meet Sam!

Meet Sam!

SAM is our black cat that sits at the front desk. He greets all the clients.

He has at least 800 girlfriends, but you are number one when here.

He was brought in by a client that wanted him euthanized. We will not euthanize a cat that is not sick...They said he was a nasty cat. I took a look at him and he just walked out of the cage and was calm as can be. I guess they just didn't want him. I said I will not euthanize him but if you don't want him, sign him over and I will take him.

He has been here at least 6 years .

He sits with his bed at the front desk. When anyone approaches the counter, he gets up for them to scratch his back and then rolls over to do budah belly. He has a fan club and if not here, all the women are asking for him.

Vet Visits: $45
Rabies Shots: $18
Distemper: $20

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